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Campaign to Research the Impacts on Social Equity and Economic Empowerment

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To accelerate the replacement of unabated coal plants with new, advanced nuclear technologies and to bring about breakthrough nuclear innovations, the NICE Future initiative launched a campaign to Research the Impacts on Social Equity and Economic Empowerment (RISE3). RISE3 will provide expert resources and create a blueprint for countries transitioning to a clean and just energy economy with nuclear innovation as a key pillar by:

  1. Recommending areas where nuclear technologies can advance environmental justice and equity
  2. Detailing how nuclear energy can advance renewables through coupling and flexible operation in integrated clean energy systems
  3. Examining how flexible utilization of nuclear energy for electric and nonelectric applications can lift economies and quality of life for communities and nations, including remote, off-grid, or islanded communities
  4. Tracking community transformations, with a focus on how coal site conversion options with nuclear and/or renewables yield economic and jobs impacts.

This work stream is a unique partnership of nuclear, renewables, and environmental nonprofit organizations, under the Clean Energy Ministerial’s leadership, serving as clean energy advocates to provide options for accelerated and just solutions. Efforts will focus on actions that can generate jobs and raise quality of life in communities. New advances related to the potential for expanded nuclear-renewables integration, flexible electricity grids, hydrogen production, thermal and electrical energy storage, advanced nuclear technology designs (small modular reactors and more), process heat utilization, desalination, and more will be addressed.

Highlights of RISE3's initial work, including the, RISE3D Case Study Series, were shared at the U.S.-hosted Global Clean Energy Action Forum in Fall 2022.

RISE3 Fact Sheet

Learn more about the objectives and partners of the RISEcampaign by exploring the campaign's fact sheet.

RISE3D Case Study Series

Discover how advanced nuclear energy technologies support the clean energy transition by reading the RISE3D First Wave Case Series.

Kenya's Clean and Reliable Energy Future

Find out more about a study NICE Future is conducting with Kenya to evaluate the economic and jobs impacts of adopting nuclear energy.

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