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Leaders in Advanced Nuclear Energy Technical Working Groups

To explore mutually beneficial approaches and harness the capabilities of advanced and emerging nuclear nations, the NICE Future initiative has launched the Leaders in Advanced Nuclear Energy (LANE) technical working groups.

Logo for LANE: Leaders in Advanced Nuclear Energy - A Campaign of the NICE Energy Future

Through LANE, NICE Future is dedicated to ensuring the global growth of nuclear technologies, including small modular reactors, remains safe, reliable, and aligns with our ambitions for global net-zero and energy transition.

Nuclear power is a crucial component of the global energy landscape, providing affordable, low-carbon energy while enhancing energy supply security. The NICE Future initiative understands the significance of advanced nuclear technologies and their potential to strengthen global energy security, reduce emissions, and stimulate economic growth. These advancements pave the way for more countries worldwide to incorporate nuclear energy into their energy mix, aligning with our shared goals for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

LANE was officially announced at the Clean Energy Ministerial in 2023, and since that time, the LANE coleads (Canada, France, Japan, United States and United Kingdom) have been hard at work developing the five "tracks" for the working groups:

  • Messaging and communication
  • Advanced reactor technology and innovative renewable integration
  • Economic modeling and financing
  • Non-electric applications
  • Workforce development.

Through LANE, NICE Future is committed to:

Collaboration: Working closely with other NICE Future Participants to promote the accelerated adoption of advanced nuclear power.

Capacity building: Providing technical assistance and sharing best practices to enhance the capabilities of emerging nuclear nations as well as the efficacy of established nuclear nations.

Exploration: Exploring opportunities for collaboration on challenges related to the supply chain and advanced fuel issues.

Support: Assisting in accelerating the development of global standards and norms for advanced nuclear power deployment.

Building Upon Existing Expertise

Numerous organizations are actively contributing to the global dialogue on nuclear safety, security, regulatory organizations, fuel supply, and financing options, among other nuclear topics. NICE Future acknowledges these efforts and through LANE, intends to leverage this wealth of existing work and resources throughout its activities. In doing so, the NICE Future Initiative promotes nuclear energy as a clean energy solution alongside other technologies while also addressing the historical challenges and concerns associated with nuclear energy.

LANE will align with and amplify the efforts of NICE Future's parallel initiative, the campaign to Research the Impacts on Social Equity and Economic Empowerment (RISE3), that provides expert resources and crafts a blueprint for nations transitioning towards a sustainable future anchored in nuclear innovation.


(NICE)Talks is a video series that amplifies the core themes of NICE Future's Campaign to Research the Impacts on Social Equity and Economic Empowerment (RISE3). It serves as platform for fostering strategic communication among governmental bodies, industries, and non-profit organizations to champion the pivotal role of nuclear technologies in combatting climate change while bolstering economic progress. Explore the full series on YouTube.

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Get Involved

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For questions or to reach out to the LANE working group, please don't hesitate to contact us.