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NICE Future Initiative Campaigns

The Nuclear Innovation Clean Energy Future (NICE Future) initiative identifies key focus areas to advance the dialogue on the role that nuclear energy can play in bolstering economic growth, energy security, and environmental stewardship.

Through these campaigns, NICE Future aims for the integration of innovative applications for advanced nuclear systems, paving the way for coordinated and integrated clean energy systems of the future.

Leaders in Advanced Nuclear Energy

To explore mutually beneficial approaches and harness the capabilities of advanced and emerging nuclear nations, the NICE Future initiative has launched the Leaders in Advanced Nuclear Energy technical working groups. Through this campaign, NICE Future is dedicated to ensuring the global growth of nuclear technologies, including small modular reactors, remains safe, reliable, and aligns with our ambitions for global net-zero and energy transition.

Research the Impacts on Social Equity and Economic Empowerment

In the pursuit of a clean and just energy economy, the Research the Impacts on Social Equity and Economic Empowerment initiative provides expert resources and crafts a blueprint for nations transitioning towards a sustainable future anchored in nuclear innovation. By expediting the replacement of unabated coal plants with advanced nuclear technologies, this campaign catalyzes breakthrough innovations that positively impact social equity and economic empowerment.

Flexible Nuclear Energy for Clean Energy Systems

Addressing the dynamic landscape of power system demands, the Flexible Nuclear Energy for Clean Energy Systems initiative presents a collection of technical analyses underscoring the current and potential future roles of nuclear energy in providing the flexibility necessary to meet ever-evolving energy needs. With individual perspectives contributing to collective insight, this initiative highlights the value of flexible nuclear energy in shaping a sustainable energy future.

Breakthroughs: Nuclear Innovation for Clean Energy Systems

Breakthroughs: Nuclear Innovation for Clean Energy Systems explores how nuclear innovation serves as a linchpin in global clean energy systems. This foundational resource delves into current innovations and reveals contributions that reimagine the role of nuclear energy in tomorrow's clean energy systems. Meet the individuals, explore the approaches, and discover the solutions that answer the intricate questions surrounding nuclear energy development.

Join NICE Future Campaigns

Join NICE Future on this transformative journey towards a cleaner, more sustainable energy future. Contact us to learn more about how you can get involved with active NICE Future campaigns.