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CEM10: 10th Clean Energy Ministerial

27 May 2019 – 29 May 2019

Vancouver, Canada

At the 10th annual Clean Energy Ministerial, the NICE Future initiative celebrated its first year with multiple side events.

The Dispatchable Clean Energy: Cutting the Cost of a Low-Emissions Future event was held on the first day of the conference and was organized and sponsored in part by the NICE Future initiative. This event featured a panel of experts from the nuclear, fossil and renewable communities to discuss the value of clean and dispatchable energy that is being developed in each of these fields. This event also included government and industry perspectives on how to advance the adoption these technologies.

The Breakthroughs: Flexible Nuclear Systems in a Clean Energy World event was held on the second day of the conference and was the main side event of the initiative. It include both the release of the initiative’s first report that can be found here, and the launch of the flexible nuclear campaign. This campaign is a short duration highly focused project to evaluate how flexible nuclear systems can enable clean energy systems. Please reach out to us if you have interest in this exciting campaign.

Seven men and six women behind a table, in front of which is a banner that reads NICE Future: Nuclear Innovation Clean Energy Future
Government officials, industry leaders and subject matter experts participate in a panel on the NICE Future initiative report.
Three men and one woman seated on front of a large image on which The New Fire is printed
A panel of experts discusses the film The New Fire at the screening held during the Clean Energy Ministerial.