Country Spotlight: Russia - Shaping the Clean Energy Future

The webinar presents the ongoing discussions in Russia on climate change and potential of nuclear power in shaping the clean energy future. Panelists discuss the 2050 low-carbon agenda and sustainable energy mix, carbon footprints and anthropogenic heat flows generated by energy consumption, challenges and opportunities of decarbonization in Russia. Panelists analyze the economic viability of nuclear power plants in the context of climate change and present a new data visualization tool for predictive analytics.

Moderator: Vladimir Artisyuk, Councilor, Advisor to DG, Rosatom


  • Mikhail Yulkin, CEO, The Centre of Ecological Investment
  • Alexander Ginzburg, Head of laboratory, A.M. Obukhov Institute of Atmospheric Physics
  • Fedor Veselov, Deputy director, Energy Research Institute, RAS
  • Polina Lion, Chief Sustainability Officer, Rosatom
  • Evgenii Varseev & Ivan Andryushin, Youth Committee members and data analytics, Rosatom Technical Academy

All NICE Future initiative webinar presentations are followed by question-and-answer sessions with webinar participants.
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